The Timberland Upgrade

Advance your TIMO to meet the sustainability needs of today’s investors

Don’t be the TIMO that gets left behind

You are an experienced Timberland Investment Manager and have built a successful track record with your sustainable timber-optimization investment approach. You follow best practices in sustainable forest management, but investors want more.

It started with things like investors asking you to disclose the carbon stored in the forest assets you manage, but now asset owners are increasing their demands for sustainability objectives, ESG policies, and biodiversity data.

You see your peers adapting to these changes through repositioning themselves and by creating new sustainability-focused timberland investment products.

You want to be a leader in the evolution of the timberland asset class, but you don’t know how to credibly make this transition while remaining true to your production forestry investment thesis.

I can help you.

Timber investment - image of a log truck next to a forest
The Timberland Upgrade - timber investment

Attract new investors and expand your investment universe

Imagine you’ve just closed a new investor to your new investment mandate. You easily demonstrate your ability to deliver production forestry financial objectives and sustainability goals simultaneously, giving confidence to new investors.

Your new approach has opened doors to new investment opportunities, where you can effortlessly apply your tried and tested timberland investment management approach with your newfound impact value creation and ESG risk mitigation tools.

Your organization is finally all on the same page – your investment managers, foresters, sustainability, and risk experts understand the interplay across different financial and sustainability management objectives and move together towards common goals.

As a result, your credibility and integrity as a forest investment manager is expanding your business.

The Timberland Upgrade

Revitalize your TIMO to meet the demands of today’s investors

Whether you’re sourcing individual deals with a sustainability edge, building a new impact forest Fund, or looking to build an ESG and impact integrated ethos into your organization, the Timberland Upgrade has the sustainability transformation you are looking for.

The outcomes you can expect are:

  • More cohesion across your management team,
  • Deeper understanding of the value of credible sustainability,
  • A clear narrative that weaves financial, environmental, and social objectives, and a compelling investment case to attract new investors and expand your business,
  • Robust ESG and impact integration options aligned to investor’s sustainability needs, with clear guidance to help forest managers comply.

Are you ready to transform from yesterday’s TIMO to today’s forest investment company?

Great! Book a no commitment introduction call with The ForestLink to discuss your specific needs and see if it’s a fit.

Hear what others are saying about working with Shauna and The ForestLink:


Shauna has a strong understanding of global ESG and impact investment issues and how they specifically apply in the context of forest investment.

This is a rare and in-demand skill set. A highlight of working with The ForestLink was the workshop which united our team’s vision around the environmental and social impacts we could achieve while still pursuing attractive forest investments. This has become a keystone piece of work in our nature-based solutions strategy.

MaryKate Bullen, Forest Investment Associates

With a good and professional approach that combines ESG and impact themes with her commercial mindset...

… Shauna has been great support in drafting and developing our Fund´s sustainability strategy

Erik Anderzen, International Woodland Company

Shauna’s contributions have not only elevated our decision-making processes...

… but have also added a distinct strategic advantage to our company.

Maria Filmanovic, Abatable

From Shauna’s work in leading our forest investment thesis development...

… we have a ready to go structure and approach, which is quite innovative and diversified in terms of market targets.

Fund Manager (Confidential)

Shauna Matkovich, Founding Director of The ForestLink

Why The ForestLink?

Shauna Matkovich, Founding Director of The ForestLink has 20-years of combined experience in operational sustainable forest management, international forest investment management, ESG and Impact management and business development of new forest investment strategies.

Shauna’s unique skillset and her collaborative get-things-done personality have helped numerous investment organizations in achieving their forest investment goals. Her combined focus on profitability, risk reduction and impact creation with expertise on how working forests operate is what you need if you care about sustainability and want it integrated into your organization and investment strategies.

Availability is Limited

I’m only available for a few Timberland Upgrades a year. Scheduling is first come, first served. The sooner you book, the sooner you will have the direction you need to develop and launch your forest investment strategy.

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