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Safety First   

Following best practices in the forest sector goes beyond applying modern silviculture, and maximizing efficiency in harvesting and processing systems. Those who know the sector well, know that being cognoscente of Health and Safety issues is paramount. 

The ForestLink

Climate Change Adaptation Reminders 

Last year, during a drought (I live in Northern Italy, where we weren’t making headlines for forest fires, but for the lakes being at an all-time low), we were having some earthworks on our property to channel ditched uphill farm runoff into a pipe. When they were...


The Reason they say “No” to Biodiversity 

BloombergNEF recently announced the publishing of The Biodiversity Finance Factbook. The publication provides finance, policy and sustainability professionals with important data to gauge current and required finance flows to biodiversity and further identifies...


ESG Factors, Or are they? 

An Investor associate of mine said to me recently, “Our investees in [country], don’t even know what ESG is, let alone how to manage it.” I was shocked at first, but after giving it some more thought – it made sense.   This investee my associate spoke of,...


Don’t Let Forest Investment Risks Fall Between Chairs 

Managing risks in a forest investment is a responsibility that sits with several people. Financial risks with the Financial Controller, operational risks with Forest Managers and Investment Managers and ESG risks with the Sustainability Manager and so on. However,...