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What is Monoculture? 

Why Forest Investors need to stop using the word Monoculture and focus instead on the nuances of Sustainable Forest Management  This article is inspired by a comment to the photo of my last article, which stated “That photo looks awfully like a monoculture”....

Monoculture Forest Plantation

TNFD, Double Materiality and Forest Investment 

I was recently attending the Building Bridges Sustainable Finance event in Geneva, where the European Launch of the TNFD (Taskforce for Nature-related Financial Disclosures) was taking place. I’ve been watching the TNFD unfold over the past few years, and thought...


Safety First   

Following best practices in the forest sector goes beyond applying modern silviculture, and maximizing efficiency in harvesting and processing systems. Those who know the sector well, know that being cognoscente of Health and Safety issues is paramount. 

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