Workshop: FLR Hub on leveraging €20 Million

Feb 10, 2021 | Events

Event date: February 10, 2021.

IUCN, WRI, and WWF are working on the development of a Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR)1 Implementation Hub. This platform has the aim to support partner countries to increase their readiness and capacity for FLR implementation and help to mobilise private investment. In this workshop I joined the developing partners in discussing ways the Hub could leverage an additional €20 Million. My contributions were targeted on the discussion of how to support the development of a pipeline of bankable FLR investments and supply chain investments.

FLR Hub on leveraging €20 Million

1 Forest landscape restoration (FLR) is the ongoing process of regaining ecological functionality and enhancing human well-being across deforested or degraded forest landscapes. FLR is more than just planting trees – it is restoring a whole landscape to meet present and future needs and to offer multiple benefits and land uses over time (IUCN).